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john deere operations center connected

CERES Protect is a partner of John Deere

You manage your tractors in the Operations Center? Then we have great news for you. From now on, you can manage all machines and vehicles that are equipped with the CERES Protect GPS tracker on just one platform.
Learn more about the advantages of the CERES Protect connection in the Operations Center and benefit from the new possibilities.

Fahrzeugortung im Webportal mit CERES Protect

Novelties and small improvements in the Weportal of June 2021

CERES Protect is constantly being developed for you. Since, there are some new features and usability improvements in the web portal. Find out what’s new now.

CERES Protect ist ein Diebstahlschutz

Theft thwarted with CERES Protect?

A customer from northern Germany reports a theft with CERES Protect. Read more about the crime and the stolen agricultural components here. Was the gang of thieves convicted and the stolen goods seized?

CERES Protect besteht aus der Elektronik und der Webanwendung

New functions in the web portal

Since November 2020, there are some new functions in the web portal to make your work even easier. In this blog post, discover how you can calculate processed areas, set dates for maintenance intervals, create guest accesses and much more.

CERES Protect Premium Ultra Small
CERES Protect Premium Select

The GPS tracking devices in comparison

There are three different CERES Protect GPS tracking devices. You are still undecided which one suits you and your vehicles best? This blog post should help you make your choice.