Theft foiled with CERES Protect?

As some trade journals have already reported, stolen agricultural components were recovered in 2020 with the help of CERES Protect.

The thieves were after high-quality Starfire receivers from John Deere and fled with the stolen goods all the way to Lithuania. But what they did not know was that the owner had equipped his agricultural components with GPS tracking devices from CERES Protect.

This enabled the police to trace the thieves back to their home country and recover many more stolen components.

CERES Protect Premium Ultra Small

In an interview, the owner of the stolen stolen goods reported the incident:

“I was robbed three times before. But in this theft, my Starfire receivers were equipped with CERES Protect.”


How did the police respond to the theft:

“At 7am I reported it and the police was quickly on the scene. Then we were able to locate the devices directly. By 8:15am, the thieves were already just outside Warsaw.”


How did you feel with CERES Protect?

“I felt very good… In retrospect, it was right not to stop the thieves beforehand, because the police were able to bust all of the thieves in Lithuania that way.”


Would you also recommend CERES Protect to colleagues?

“Yes, definitely. A gang of thieves was busted through the system. It is also easy to recommend!”

For farmers, contractors and many other industries, CERES Protect definitely pays off as theft protection for agricultural machinery and electronic components. Our GPS tracker is manufacturer-independent, which means it can be installed in any machine.

With the “Live Connect” tariff, which our interviewed customer also chose, you can track your machines live. Give your colleagues guest access and track them together in case of theft, even abroad. The location of the GPS tracker is communicated to you every three seconds. This way you can see in real time where your machines are currently moving and can act quickly.

If your tractor is stolen, you can even paralyse it remotely or sound the horn.


In the CERES Protect web portal, you can view the location of your devices and create rules.
Receive notifications by email or SMS if your vehicle or trailer has moved without permission.

To save battery power, the GPS location data is only exchanged as often as you want. You can easily make these settings in the web portal.


Do you also want to protect high-quality electronic components from theft without a power supply?

Then we recommend the High Power device. Thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery, it can also be operated without a power supply. The device can easily be mounted on tractors, trailers or other devices without a power supply.

You are afraid that your device will lose the network?

Don’t worry, our integrated SIM cards are mobile network independent. That means they always dial into the best network. And not only in Germany!

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