Decide on the better way to secure and locate your vehicles.

Theft protection, machine management and vehicle tracking –
the innovative solution for your vehicle fleet.

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CERES Protect consists of two components – the box, which contains all of the technological elements and which you attach to the vehicle, and the intuitive web application. Once you have installed the Box, you connect the components to one another via wireless. You will then be able to use the different features right away.

CERES Protect has an integrated, adjustable shock sensor, a daily “timer”, an ignition sensor, geo-zones, and two switchable outputs. You can use rules to stipulate what should happen when in the web portal. You can receive status notifications via e-mail and SMS.

You want your fleet of vehicles
easy to manage?

Receive useful information through innovative vehicle management to reduce costs, utilise the precise vehicle location service via GPS and eliminate unnecessary worry with invisible theft protection.

  • View the locations of your vehicles on the live map
  • Measure, document and analyse driving and idle times and distances driven
  • Configure transmission intervals and times
  • Warning messages in case of rule violations or low battery
  • Receive new features easily via updates

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How the CERES Protect web portal works

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You want your vehicles
protect against theft?

Geozonen CERES Protect
Just a glance at your web interface shows you exactly where your vehicles, trailers or machines are currently located. In case of theft, in particular, this ensures you can find them quickly.

  • Mobile location of your vehicles
  • GPS location (notification to the police in case of theft)
  • Disabling of the vehicle (damage-free) or sounding the horn

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Do you want to use your vehicle
fleet more effectively and
plan more efficient routes?

Fahrspur genaues Tracking mit CERES Protect
You can use CERES Protect to see all property limits set on the map and how your vehicles are moving among them live. You can manage your fleet more efficiently based on the data collected, saving unnecessary costs.

  • Upload and display your own field maps
  • Create position boundaries and area measurement
  • View the movement history
  • Measure speed and operating times

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You want continuous
information on your vehicles, and
to individually adapt CERES Protect?

Erhalte eine Nachricht, wenn dein Fahrzeug unerlaubt bewegt wurde
You can create custom messages to be issued in certain conditions using the message editor, such as “Vehicle has left position limits” or “Vehicle has left hall”. You can use CERES protect to change a variety of settings and link to your machines.

  • Set conditions for when you want to be notified
  • Link rules to your devices
  • Track your vehicle status easily on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Grant guest access for employees and share your devices with other users

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Learn which countries and mobile networks you can use the location system in here.

The SIM card installed in the CERES Protection Box is independent of the mobile network, meaning the device will automatically dial into the right country network. It is suitable for use throughout Europe, so you can locate and secure your vehicles abroad as well.

Telefónica O2 Germany
Telekom Deutschland
A1 Belarus
Base (KPN Group Belgium)
Belgacom Mobile (Proximus)
A1 Bulgaria
A1 Hrvatska
T-Mobile Croatia
Telefonica O2 CZ
T-Mobile CZ
Vodafone CZ
Hutchison Denmark
Telenor Denmark
EMT-Estonian Mobile Telephone
Elisa Eesti
DNA Finland
Aland Mobiltelefon
Bouygues Telecom
Orange France
Free Mobile
Wind Hellas
Telefonica O2 Ireland
Vodafone Ireland
Hutchison 3G
Telecom Italia
Wind Tre
Bite Latvija
mobilkom liechtenstein
P & T Luxembourg
VIP operator
T-Mobile Macedonia
Go Mobile
Vodafone Malta
Vodafone Netherlands
TeliaSonera Norge
Polkomtel (Plus)
Vodafone Portugal
TMN Portugal
Telekom Romania
Vodafone Romania
VIP mobile
Telenor Serbia
Orange Slovensko
T-Mobile Slovensko
A1 Slovenija
O2 Spain
Telenor Sverige
T-Mobile (UK)
Vodafone UK
Telefónica O2 UK
Jersey Telecoms

Test CERES Protect and get your money back if you are not fully satisfied.

You have two weeks to comprehensively test your system after placing your order. Of course, our friendly customer service is ready to assist you with any questions or problems. If you are not satisfied with CERES Protect, you can return the device for any reason and be reimbursed for the purchase price.


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CERES Protect is known from

“The machine monitoring system CERES [Protect] from Ilgenfritz [Mechatronics]: […] Anyone who has invested in expensive machines also wants to know where they are and whether and how they are used. This is not only of interest to contractors, who lends some machines to customers. The operations manager in the larger manager in the larger arable farmm also wants to know whether and where his machines are currently in use […]”

Renfert-Deitermann, Dietmar: “Rüttelschreiber war früher…”, in Profi 8/2018