News from the CERES Protect web portal

The web portal is constantly being developed for you. Since November 2020, there are some new functions in the web portal to make your work even easier.

Default settings

The default settings give you suggestions and ready-made configurations for certain implements to set the right settings. You can choose between implement and tractor. This ensures that battery life does not drop unintentionally and the tracking is as accurate as possible.

Voreinstellungen Webportal
The default settings simplify the configuration of the transmission intervals.

Area calculation

In the portal, it is now possible to automatically calculate areas processed in the Live Connect tariff. The calculation is based on the recorded lane.

With this new feature, you know exactly how much has already been processed. All lanes used for the calculation are marked in colour. This gives you visual control over your work.

Flächenberechnung Webportal
Just have the processed areas calculated.

Operating hours counter

The portal now determines the operating hours for maintenance intervals or other time intervals for you. You can find the operating hours counter in the machine management under “My notifications”.

As soon as the machine has been set in motion by the supply voltage or by vibration, the operating hours are counted. These are compared with the portal once a day and a notification is triggered when the set threshold is exceeded.

Betriebsstundenzähler Webportal
Simplify your billing with the hour meter and get notified automatically.

Guest access

Invite your employees or colleagues to view the data of your machines. Guests cannot make any changes to the portal. You can create guest access in the settings.

Device release

Share your devices with other CERES Protect users or add shared devices to your portal. You can release the devices in the device management.


Create groups for a better overview of your devices. In the device management you can create groups and assign your devices.