News web portal June 2021

We have implemented your customer requests. From 17.06.2021 there are again some new features in the web portal, which improve the user experience.

More precise analysis options

With the “Activity” analysis tool, you can see at a glance when your machine was actively used in the selected period. The analysis can be applied to a device, a specific group or to your entire fleet.

Analyse Webportal GPS-Ortung

The diagram now shows you exactly at which times your vehicles have moved.

You want to use the data for your accounting?
No problem, just download it as a CSV file in Excel and save it for your records.

Show names of geozones

Your geozones are now even more individual. Until now you could only see the names in the table next to the map.

From now on, the names of the geozones can be displayed by clicking on the map.
Eigene Geozonen anlegen

Display lane of all devices

From now on you can display your tracks for all devices in a certain time period under “Tracking and Geozone”.

If you limit the selection to your groups, you can also filter.

You still have questions about the updates?

All our CERES users have received a mail with the news and more detailed explanations.

Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Write us a mail with your ideas.